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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit
In our unit, neurological rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, rheumatological rehabilitation, physical therapy applications for musculoskeletal system pain, lymphedema treatment and occupational therapy are performed.Our goal is to help the individuals who has suffered a physical or mental illness or trauma to compensate for this loss using his or her remaining capabilities and power.
Neurological rehabilitation
It is a field of physical therapy and rehabilitation applied in neurological diseases such as head trauma to the central nervous system, stroke due to spinal cord injury, stroke caused by brain hemorrhage or circulatory problems, tumors and infections of the nervous system, facial paralysis,  and aimed that the patient reaches the highest functional capacity after the applied treatment .
Orthopedic rehabilitation
To maximize the healing of the patient before and after surgical treatment in orthopedic diseases of musculoskeletal system.
Pediatric rehabilitation
To reduce the effect of spasticity on the affected body regions of children with cerebral palsy, to train spastic muscles and to strengthen the muscles so that the child can use the affected muscles efficiently.Joint movement range exercises, stretching and positioning are applied to prevent joint limitations caused by spasticity. In addition, strengthening exercises are applied to appropriate muscles and families are given home programs.

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Sense rehabilitation
It is a method that can be used in many childhood diseases, especially children with cerebral palsy. Tactile, visual and auditory systems of children are being developed and body awareness is being increased. It is aimed to increase hand skills such as gripping, gripping, dropping.

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Robotic rehabilitation
It is a system aimed at restoring walking ability in  patient groups that have partially or totally lost their ability to walk.

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Speech Therapy
It is  rehabilitation of language, swallowing  and speech disorders.
To improve the health status of the individuals and to apply the occupational therapy methods to prevent the disability.

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Treatment With Mud
It is a method commonly used in the treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases such as inflammation.
Obesity Rehabilitation
The aim of the treatment is to prevent joint diseases caused by weight  musculoskeletal protection and obesity. The patient treatment plan is developed by a specialist sports physician.
Lymph and Edema Treatment
Bandage, pneumatic compression device and manual lymph drainage (lymph edema massage) and kinesiological banding therapy are applied.